Home away from home

Studying alone in a foreign land may be a daunting prospect. Living alone is a terrifying one. At Edu-Link, we understand the need for a comfortable home life in order to be truly successful in school. So we make every effort to find the perfect match for the student and host family. The physical and emotional well-being of each student is as much – if not more – of a priority to us.

That is why our Host Family Program is so successful.

Each host family is hand-selected by staff members, and the family goes through a long, strict screening process. Personal reference checks, as well as criminal background checks, are performed for all families. Once these are done, Edu-Link staff members make trips to potential Host Families’ homes and interview every family in person. By the time students arrive in their homes, our host families are prepared and ready to welcome them with open arms and hearts.

The Host Family Program is an enriching experience for the host families just as much as it is for the student. We work to match each student with a host family to create a “Home Away From Home” in which our students can feel truly welcome and cared for.

As we work to recreate a family setting for our students, our host families often have children of their own and thus care for the international students like their own.

Our host families are located near the school the students will be attending which makes participating in other school activities easier. There are many benefits to the Host Family Program but the most important fact is that your child will be well taken care of and safe.

    What does a Host Family provide and

    what are the benefits?

    The Host Family provides

  • A warm, safe environment for the student to learn and grow. The student will have his/her own room with a desk and space for personal belongings
  • Nutritional, well-balanced meals on a regular basis.
  • An opportunity to practice and improve your English speaking skills and to learn the “American Way of Life” quickly and safely.
  • A chance to experience different customs and travel to many exciting cities.
  • A new family that will last forever.

    Screening Process

    Each host family is hand-selected by qualified staff members,

    and the family is required to go through a long,

    strict screening process.

    Specific Screening Process:

  • STEP1 : Those who are interested in becoming a host family should contact Edu-Link at info@TheEduLink.com or

    call 201-845-9322 (U.S.A.).

  • STEP2 : Interested candidates can also download the application forms at www.TheEduLink.com
  • STEP3 : Edu-Link representative make several trips to potential host families’ homes and interviews every family in person.
  • STEP4 : Edu-Link collects the application from the host family during the visit along with the personal reference and criminal background checks.
  • STEP5 : Family is accepted if proven to be a suitable host family.

How to Apply to Become A Host Family

If you are interested in becoming a host family member for Edu-Link, you must complete a Host Family Application and provide two references. A criminal background check will be conducted by Edu-Link to ensure the safety of our students. Once this is done,    an Edu-Link consultant will visit you at your home to further interview you.

When your application has been approved, your information will be made available to our students and the selection process will move forward. It is important to note that matching the host family and student is an important process, and it is done with a great deal of consideration so that the student background as well as the host family are as compatible as possible.

If you are interested in becoming a host family, you can

Call the Edu-Link office at 201.845.9322

Email Edu-Link at info@TheEduLink.com

17 Arcadian Ave., Suite 207
Paramus, NJ 07652 U.S.A.
Tel.201.845.9322 Fax. 201.845.9353