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buildingEdu-Link Consulting offers international students an opportunity to study at an accredited private secondary school in the United States. With a number of top ranking schools to choose from in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Michigan, Edu-Link’s dedicated and knowledgeable consulting staff finds the best match between the student and school. We take into consideration each student’s individual skills, personality and preferences not only with respect to what a school offers academically but also other programs that are available beyond the course requirements. Sports, theatre, music, art, and travel are some of the other benefits we look at when we help a student during the consulting process.


Another very important and unique benefit Edu-Link offers international students is the Host Family Program.혻Host families must go through a rigorous application and screening process so that when students choose their host family, Edu-Link can answer any of their questions and help them make the best possible decision. We recognize the Host Family Program is very important to the student’s success, and our professional experience allows us to place a student in an environment where they will be able to flourish academically, physically, and socially.


Edu-Link is a consulting firm that brings all the important information together for the international students to make the best possible decision for their future.혻 We select only the most competitive schools that present the biggest variety of choices, and we work together with the student, school, and host family throughout the entire year.혻 We offer many other services such as College Counseling, Service Projects in Cambodia and Costa Rica, Cultural Travel Programs in the U.S. and Europe, and Internships.


Edu-Link is the professional consulting firm that answers all your questions!







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